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It was many years ago. Many. I was just a kid. That's when my love of fire engines started. Like all boys, I thought I wanted to be a firefighter. South Thomaston Engine #4, a 1959 American Lafrance, was my first fire truck love.

Why? Well, I really liked the globe light. So many trucks had flat topped lights, and now most have light bars. The round globe light, along with the rounded cab, really caught my eye.

Years went by. I'm in my early 30s now. I still want my own fire engine. I'd really like an Ahrens Fox. But at $30k or, it's way out of the budget. South Thomaston is selling Engine #4. It could be mine for a mere $3000--not an outrageous price, really. But in all honesty, where'd I park a fire truck? Where would I park it at work? How would I pay for the gas? It's totally impractical.

But isn't love like that sometimes?

And so here's my dedication to South Thomaston Engine #4, the truck I'd hoped to someday turn into Spruce Head Engine #1. Soon, someone else will own her. But no one will ever love her like I do.