Recording Session Videos

After a few false starts (I forgot to print directions, and the address we were given wasn’t even correct), Three Button Deluxe had a very successful recording session today. In six hours, we set up all our gear, set up the microphones and got the right levels, recorded 10 songs, two takes each, and got the background vocal recorded. All with only one false start! Even the “bad” takes were good ones; we just picked the better sounding of the two. I brought Susan’s Flip video camera with me, from an idea spawned by a comment from Jack.  I uploaded them to YouTube. Check them out, if you want.


  1. Ah, that was awesome! What’s a “Flat Tire Shuffle”? (I think that was what you said)

    Love, love, loved, Flip Flop Fly! Thanks for that little look into your world Billy 🙂

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