North Drum Dreams

In last night’s dream, I was playing some club in Bangor. I walked into the restaurant, and Blind Albert was sitting at a table with his wife Lee. I went and sat down. I was looking at the stage. I remembered (isn’t it funny how dreams have a memory–like a past tense–even though you didn’t dream that part?) that I had to arrive early to set up. My drums were already on stage. The Blind Albert bass player, Glenn, was on stage playing guitar. Apparently he had a solo set booked before our main show. In addition to Glenn, some guy was on stage playing MY drums. I was a little miffed someone would play my drums without permission, and I hoped someone wasn’t playing me for a fool, having me come set up early so this other guy wouldn’t have to bring his own drums. But, I figured ‘No sense in getting bent outta shape about it. Might as well relax, and talk about it after the gig.’

I decided that I’d take a walk over to some music store. It was just a building or two over. It was raining, so I did a quick jog to the store, and went inside. It was a big music store. I noticed what appeared to be some snare drums in a room just off the main room, so I walked over to investigate. Outside the main drum room was some used stuff against the wall. There was a Tama Granstar bass drum in Cherry Rose with a tag that said “Make Offer.” I thought “Man, it’s hard to move a single bass drum, let alone one that’s pink.” I also saw an old North kit. Asking price? $1200. Not an unfair price, but too rich for my blood. I entered the drum room, and looked around. Nice stuff, but nothing stood out at me, and there were no good deals. I exited the room, and was just about to leave when I saw a salesman approaching.

“Can I help you find something?”
“No, I’m just looking, really. I like that ol’ North set you have.”
“Yeah, that’s a cool kit. I’m surprised I haven’t sold it yet. I don’t have that much into it.”
“I’d give you $800,” I said, feeling like he’d never jump at that price.
“OK, I’ll take it,” he said, very fast. I was now thinking ‘Um, how did I just end up buying a North set, when I have more sets than I need, and this one certainly isn’t going to be played at gigs any time soon.’
So I said to him “Before I take it, I need to check a few things. First, I need to make sure the rubber bumper edge is still on the kick drum.”
He said “Yup, it’s still there.”
“And,” I said “I need the rack.”
“Not only do you get the rack, but you get TWO racks. There’s ALL KINDS of hardware that goes with it.”

So we started pulling out the stuff. The guy was right. There were two racks. Plus, there were North cymbal stands, snare stand, and hi hat stand. You almost never see those. I started to put one of the racks together. It was a nightmare! It was so complicated, I was thinking ‘Who would ever use one of these racks? It takes forever to set up!’ Then I looked over at the salesman. He had his rack all together. He could see I was befuddled. “Last time I put this together, I took notes,” he said. “That’s how I can set it up so fast. Once you’ve done it a few times, you get the hang of it.”

Then I woke up.

Friday Fill In #194

1. My favorite month is October because I love the fall here in Maine; I love the foliage, the temperatures, the smell of a wood stove, the taste of apple cider, and pumpkin donuts.

2. One of the things I like about living next to the ocean is the smell of a fresh breeze.

3. I love to sniff babies’ heads.

4. A Dunkin’ Donuts maple sausage and cheddar cheese crossaint is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast.

5. The hobby I enjoy most is collecting and restoring old drums. (And I need a new “project” drum for the winter!)

6. I checked the hot tub this AM,  Susan has taken steaks out of the freezer for supper, and it’s Friday night and I don’t have a gig; oh my!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to steaks and a hot tub, tomorrow my plans include going to the Maine Baptist Association annual meeting, and Sunday, I want to  maybe take an afternoon scooter ride!

Friday Fill In #193

Janet (the host of the FFI) has been out after having had back surgery. But she’s “back” (haha) this week! Yea!

1. My back is in pretty good shape; I don’t seem plagued by the back problems that affect many men my age.

2. Man, let me tell you, back in “the day” when I was touring with “The Stones,” I did all kinds of crazy… Well… No, not really; I was never very wild.

3. Leaves are falling all around, and in only a few weeks I’ll probably be asking to borrow Pastor Dave’s leaf vac/shredder.

4. The one thing people never seem to forget is someone else’s forgetfulness.

5. Healing is usually a noun, but sometimes it could be a verb or even an adjective. Please use all three types in a sentence.

6. The same ol’ same ol’ is what I’ve been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to an early gig with Three Button Deluxe, tomorrow my plans include time with the family in the AM and a romantic dinner with Susan in the PM, and Sunday, I want to get some time in the hot tub!