Modified Silence Fast

Silence and Solitude is an interesting idea to me, and not a spiritual discipline I’ve participated in before. This morning, I’ve tried to do things a little more quietly, and a little more slowly than normal. And yet, I have a day ahead of me that needs my attention. Here are some quick thoughts I need to come back to.

  • Let your yes be yes and your no be no. It’s better to not vow than take a vow and break it.
  • When you fast, don’t let anyone else know about it. When you pray, don’t make a big show of it.
  • How can one participate in silence when one’s livelihood depends on communication? If I were to all of a sudden go silent, surely people would notice.

Perhaps a modified silence? There are modified fasts. I’m thinking a “only speak if spoken to” day of silence.

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