30 Days of Thanks 2013

Thankfulness, day 1. I’m thankful for the gigs that help me provide for my family. And for French roast.

Thankfulness, day 2. My grandmother had a poem hung in her kitchen, and I am reminded of it today. “Thank you for these dirty dishes, They have a tale to tell. While others may go hungry We’ve all been eating well.” 

Thankfulness, day three. While I’m sad that Julia wasn’t able to come to my gig this afternoon with the rest of the family, I’m glad she understands commitment, and that she stuck to that which she said she would do. 

Thankfulness, day 4: I’m thankful for the support of coworkers after dealing with a difficult customer. 

Thankfulness, day 5. Although my votes aren’t usually on the winning side, I’m thankful for my right and responsibility to vote. 

Thankfulness, day 6. Entenmans chocolate covered donuts. Nuff said? 

Thankfulness, day 7. I’m thankful for a workplace where Julia can hang out with me for a couple of hours after school if needed. 

Thankfulness, day 8, an early one. I’m thankful for syncopated drum rhythms, incessant clean guitar lines, and a “bumpy” feeling bass guitar, which when combined together yield a little something we call FUNK! And this funk, when applied to Billy Rhythm, helps pull him out of a potentially foul mood. 

Thankfulness, day 9. For my friends in “the pit” of Charlie Brown. “My Aunt Marion was right. Never discuss marriage with a musician.” 

Thankfulness, day 10. I’m thankful for rainy Sunday afternoons which allow me to take guilt free naps. 

Thankfulness, day 11. Bill Batty, Sr. and his brother Thornton Batty, Jr, both US Coast Guard, with my uncle serving some in Viet Nam. Their father, my grandfather, Thornton Batty, Sr., a Coastie serving in the Aleutian Islands during WWII. His father, my great grandfather, F.C. Batty, US Lighthouse Service. His father-in-law was Sam Cavanor, the first lightkeeper on Ram Island off Boothbay. To those in my family who served on the sea, and to all vets. Thank you. 

Thankfulness, day 12. A lady came up to me tonight and said “My son is really enjoying your class.” I really needed to hear that. Thank you. 

Thankfulness, day 13. I’m thankful for firm pillows and warm Labradors. 

Thankfulness, day 14. I met with the boys’ teacher today. They’re doing pretty well for their first year in “school.” 

Thankfulness, day 15. After having other commitments every evening this week, tonight was family night. 

Thankfulness, day 16. I’m thankful for on the job training. When I started with Midcoast Internet Solutions in 1999, I knew very little about computers. Now my dozen + years of doing it lets me help my family and neighbors. 

Day 17: I’m thankful for Sunday dinners with my family. 

Thankfulness, day 17, part B. For my beloved wife Susan, who bought me dark chocolate Kit Kats to ease my cravings. That’s love, right there. 

Thankfulness, day 18. I’m thankful for friends who share donuts, and neighbors who share cider. 

Thankfulness, day 19. I’m thankful for the kids in my computer class. We had a great day today. 

Thankfulness, day 20. A couple three years ago, during a financial tight spot, I had to sell some drums. The first one to sell was the one I wanted to sell the least: my Tama Stewart Copeland signature snare. I’m thankful I was finally able to score one on ebay, AND at a price lower than I sold the first one for! 

Thankfulness, day 21 (I forgot to post last night). I’m thankful for learning, and those who love learning. 

Thankfulness, day 22. I’m thankful for my moms and their rolls. My Mom makes a light fluffy yeast roll, and she taught Susan how to make them. My mother in law makes a more substantial roll with wheat (or is it oat?) flour and a swirl of cinnamon in the middle. I have some of each in my house right now. 

Thankfulness, day 23. For all the bandleaders who throw gigs my way, thank you. My work as a musician enables my wife to be a full time mom, and we both appreciate that. 

Thankfulness, day 24. I Those who volunteer, or those who are called to serve, will at some point be required to do something they’d rather not. Thank for continuing to help, even though you’re not doing something too glamorous. Thank you for being the treasurer, for scrubbing the toilet, or helping with the dishes. 

Thankfulness, day 24, pt II. It’s 19°. I have a hot tub. Na na na na na na. 

Thankfulness, day 25: I’m thankful for the dedicated crowd of jazz lovers who turn out on Mondays, and especially thankful for whoever keeps putting those twenties in the tip bucket. 

Thankfulness, day 26. I’m thankful for my sons. What a great pair they are. I can’t imagine a more different set of twins, and yet they are so much a part of the other. Built in best friends they are. They go to bed in separate beds, but when I wake them up in the morning, one has joined the other. I love that. 

Thankfulness, day 27. For my daughter Julia, who is even more beautiful on the inside than she is the outside. Smart, caring, the whole package. I’m blessed to have her, and wonder how I could be a part of something so wonderful. (Then I remember she takes after her mother, and it all becomes clear…) 

Thankfulness, day 28. In Job 41, God said “Everything under heaven is mine.” I’m thankful He shares it with me! 

Thankfulness, day 29: For my good bud Deuteronomy. 

Thankfulness, day 30: Susan. 

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