Weekend Wrapping

Well, I rather enjoyed my weekend. I can’t really remember what happened Friday evening. I know I ended up working a little late helping a web customer, but I don’t remember what happened after that. I remember being really excited, though, as I had the whole weekend off: no work, no gigs. I may have done some web work.

Saturday came ’round, and Susan wanted blueberry pancakes. Duly made, I then proceeded to get things ready for a dump run. After that, we did some furniture shopping, and stopped at the farm market again. By the time we got home, it was after 2pm, so we had a late lunch of pizza. By suppertime, we still weren’t very hungry, so we put the pork chops and corn on the “back burner” for another day. Then it was lazy time in the evening.

Sunday. Breakfast. Church. A brief outing to set up someone’s WIFI router. Ma’s birthday party. A trip to the cemetary to “remember” Dad. (Incidentally, I’ve been “remembering” him a lot these last few days.)  Just a short time at home, and it was time to head back to church for the monthly supper. Evening services, then home.

Hmm. Although it’s only three short paragraphs, this weekend seemed abundantly filled with things to do. Maybe my memory two days later isn’t so hot.

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  1. beloved

    You remembered everything, but some of those things took a few hours, so our weekend was full. But we really did have a good time!

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