Thank You Harvey!

Props going out to my friend Harvey. He called me the other day and asked if I’d heard of the band Breakestra. He described them as “young kids playing James Brown grooves.” I said I hadn’t, and he told me I should check them out. He said they were listening to them on Pandora. I had heard of Pandora, but I never checked it out. It’s great! Free music, and so many artists I haven’t heard! So, while listening to the Breakestra station, I found this band called Poets of Rhythm–a German funk band! Can you believe it? So I downloaded some Breakestra and Poets of Rhythm from iTunes. See–free Internet radio results in music sales! Oh, and Pandora also has an app for the iPod Touch. So I downloaded that, too. So now, I can plug my Touch into my iPod alarm clock, run the Pandora app, and listen to Internet radio as I drift off to sleep. Cool! Thanks a lot, Harv!


  1. Ah, another iPod Touch user using it as an alarm clock/night music.

    Though, I only occasionally use Pandora, I tend to tune into WGBH’s late night jazz or AOL’s new age stationsp

    My only problem is that unlike earlier versions of the iPod, the Touch can’t use a playlist as an alarm, but only those electronic chimes. On my classic iPod, I used to use my jazz playlist for my alarm.

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