Make My Day

So Jack over at Slightly Off Center gave me the “Make My Day” award. Here are the rules:

(1) give this to people whose blogs mean something special to you – or give it to the blogs whose persons mean something special to you
(2) leave a comment on their blog so they know they got it
(3) you get to pick the number of times you give it

Jack gave her award to three blogs, so I shall do the same. These awards go to:

1) My beloved wife. She makes my day, every day. (In case you haven’t seen it, I did “Reasons For Love” a few years ago. For 52 weeks I listed 3-4 reason why I love Susan. Then, when it was all done, I made a page of those reasons, which you can go read. I actually get quite a few hits here from Google for “reasons to love someone.”)

2) My sister.

3) Amy and her Badgroove. There’s almost always something new over there every day. Go check it out, especially if you’re into NASCAR. (I don’t go there for that part.)

Now, if you look over in my blog roll, you’ll see many other of my friends. I encourage you to visit each one. If you’re a friend in the the blog roll, and didn’t receive this prestigious award, odds are it’s because you’re not posting much. C’mon Jim, put up something fresh!


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