Lisa’s Shopping MI-5

I think it’s been three weeks since I did an MI-5. One of those weeks I was the author! I hope to get those weeks done at some point. This week, though, I’m back on the bandwagon!

Lisa said: I’ve been shopping a lot this week, so this week’s 5 is inspired by several of the stores I have been to:

1. TJ MAXX – I have no idea what the “TJ” in TJ Maxx stands for. Do know of someone who goes by his/her initials, instead of his/her full name? What is their full name? Why do they prefer initials? Tell us a little bit about this person.

TJ Kierstead was a guy I went to high school with. He played bass in a band I was in. I also remember going to Massachusetts with him in a small U-Haul to pick up some things at his mother’s house. We listened to Johnny Winter, AC/DC, and Van Halen all the way down. If I recall, TJ was short for Thomas Justin. Many people called him “Teej.”

2. TARGET – Tell us a story about target practice, hunting, or some sort of “shooting” activity.

I love shooting. I really wish I had opportunity to do it more. You can see some photos of me at the range here and here. (My boss, JP, took some GREAT shots at that second link.)

3. DOLLAR TREE – What’s the best bargain going nowadays? Is there anything you buy that is really only $1.00 (or less)?

The dollar menu at McD’s is cheap musician eats when your on the road. I’d really prefer not to eat there, but cheap is king to me.

4. BIG LOTS – What would your perfect house lot look like? Would it be big? Smaller, with less lawn care? Water feature? Stone wall? Fenced in yard? Wooded?

It would need to be near the ocean. Right on some rocky coast would be nice. Some woods is good, but not too much. Definitely put me down for a stone wall. Love ’em! And, I’d take an old graveyard on the property, too.

5. WENDY’S – When you have an “all-day” excursion planned, do you prefer to sit down and eat a meal at a restaurant, or do you prefer a drive-through type experience in order to save more time for other activities?

As per #3, I’d prefer not to eat at a fast food place. I’d rather go to a restaurant we don’t have around home. Since the kids are probably with us, it would probably be a chain restaurant like Bugaboo Creek, Macaroni Grill, or something like that. That way, the kids can get their chicken strips, but I can have something that doesn’t come in a box, or something I don’t have to unwrap. Hurray for plates!

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