The Scooter Contest

Yesterday, Jim thought he saw my scoot parked at Wasses Hot Dog Wagon. It wasn’t me! Someone in town apparently has a blue Honda Metropolitan just like mine! I’ve been thinking I need to Billy Rhythm-ize the scoot, and now I know I have to do it. But how? Skulls? Flames? Wire wheels? I’ve been thinking some kind of sticker might be in order. So here’s the contest: find the perfect accessory for my scoot, so everyone will know “That’s Billy Rhythm.” Leave me a comment, or email me, a link to the product. If you’re the winner, I’ll accessorize the scoot with your idea, AND you’ll win a prize. Cool?


  1. The BR logo that you have on your drum set needs to find it’s way on the front of the scoot.

    Perhaps paint the rims a different color or paint them blue to match the current paint.

    Get a “Turbo Inside” sticker

  2. One of the following:

    Gold wheels

    predominantly Green or Red plaid seat cover

    retroreflective “white lightning” bolts in the blue expanse over the metropolitan logo.

    color underscooter lighting (great for pushing it into the garage at night, or coasting into a gig in style with your zoot suit)


  3. Caleb says you need to put ribbons on it. He thinks orange and yellow ribbons would be good. A sticker in the back, and a sticker on the front, would also be good.

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