Ringo Wants Peace and Love, and No More Fan Mail

Check out Mr. Starr here.

Does Ringo owe his fans anything? No. Does he have the right to stop signing things? Absolutely. Did his announcement make him come off as a total jerk? Um, Mr. Starr, there’s a Mr. Rich asking for you on line #2…

Ringo, man, stop with the whole “Peace and love” bit. It only sounds that much more insincere, especially couched in your announcement to “toss” requests for an autograph. While you have a right not to be hounded by fans, your request makes you sound like a pompous, well, you know.

I’m not an autograph type of person. I have one autograph, and that’s from Toy Caldwell after my band opened up for him in Camden 15 years ago. I have never written to a star for an autograph, and never plan too. But Mr. Starr, your video really made me change my view on who I thought you were.

Now, what’s Charlie Watt’s address?


  1. Yeah I read about that this morning. While I agree with you that he has every right to do that…the verbage? Makes him sound prickish.

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