My Vacation MI-5

I said:  “I’m going on vacation next week. Yea! I’m really thinking I need some time away, and I think this vacation will really do me some good. Here are 5 vacation inspired questions.”

1) Tell us a memorable vacation story you have from your childhood.

We were camping in this campground called Cathedral Pines. I think it was up near Moosehead Lake, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I remember we took a quick trip into Canada, just so we could say we went. While there, my folks bought me this deep sea diver toy. It would sink in the water, and then you would blow into this hose to bring the diver back up. We also brought my pet hermit crab along. We thought he died. I don’t remember if it was Mom or Dad who was holding him in one hand, and digging a hole with a spoon in the other, but it was at that moment the crab decided to show everyone he wasn’t dead, and it rather startled my parent.

2) Tell us a memorable vacation tale from your adulthood.

Before Dad died, he had this dream of taking his whole family on a cruise. He succeeded. It was on that cruise that I snorkeled in Jamaica. I spent two hours snorkeling, my back to the hot Jamaica sun. I got the worst sunburn of my life. I would endure that sunburn again for two more hours snorkeling in those crystal waters.

3) Assume you and your mate/significant other/best friend are going on a dream vacation. You don’t have to pay for any of it. Where do you go? Why?

Susan and I have this dream vacation spot we imagine sometimes. It’s a crescent shaped, sandy beach. Out in the deeper water, a local fishing boat puts out. Over the dunes to my left, a guitarist is playing a samba I can hear on the wind. There’s a wonderful cottage, complete with two servants. Felix is 6′ 2″, very thin, with white hair and a white goatee. He brings us drinks, and keeps the grounds. His wife’s name is Janice. She looks like an island version of Aunt Jamaima. She attends to our needs, hurries her husband about, and cooks wonderful food! Most days, Susan and I spend the day under white beach umbrellas, sipping cool somethings, and listening to the sound of samba and fishing boat motor rumbles.

4) Now, come back down to Earth, and tell us about a “dream” vacation that you think might actually happen some day. Where is that? How long until you think it becomes reality?

Another great family vacation we had was when Susan’s parents took their whole family to Disneyworld. I really loved it, and can’t wait to go back. We’d like the boys to be a little older, so they’ll remember it. Maybe five years? Of course, I’ve got to figure out how to pay for it all.

5) There are some missionary students on “working vacation” coming to my house for dinner tonight. If someone came to stay with you for vacation, what would you feed them that was really considered a “local delicacy”? What regional food would be a “must have”?

I was able to secure some Whoopie Pies for our guests. A Wasses hot-dog would be in order if they come to Rockland. Of course, they’d also need a Billy Rhythm burger from the Brass Compass. Blueberry pancakes and/or pie.

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