My Cartoon Inspired MI-5

1) Johnny Quest meets his friend Hadji in India. Tell us about a friend you have/someone you met who is “far” away. (You determine what “far” is.)

I met Amy by way of Neurotic Fishbowl. The lady who ran that site–I think her name was Amy too–did something called the “Burn It.” She had this theme, and asked people to make a CD with songs that followed the theme. She then divided everyone who signed up into groups of four. You then made a CD, and sent it to those other three people. In return, those three would send you their CD. Amy was in my group. I still have her CD, too! Since then, she’s made several “friends” here in in Maine, but I don’t think she’s met any of them.

2) Scooby Doo and Shaggy are always hankerin’ for a snack. What have you got a craving for recently?

My wife let me indulge a craving for Twinkies recently. I hadn’t had one for some time, and Julia mentioned she wanted one. So at the grocery store on Saturday (I think), we grabbed a box. I had one last night. The kids like them so much, it may be the only one I get!
3) There are so many trains in “Thomas and Friends” I can’t keep track of them all! Is there a group of folks you’re involved in, and yet you don’t know everyone’s name (e.g. chruch group, business group, support group, etc.)? Can you tell us about it?

In Kiwanis, we try very hard to get around to each member of the group, shake hands, and say “Hi.” And, as the bulletin editor, I really need to know everyone’s name. Still, it can be hard. I’m also on the Advisory Board for the local Salvation Army. I’ve been a member of that board for a little over a year, I think. In that time, there are some members who are on the board, but I haven’t met them yet. If they come to a meeting, it must be the ones I have to miss!
4) Bill Cosby was only a regular on “The Electric Company” for one season before he left. What job have you held for the shortest period of time?

I had two jobs that didn’t last very long. My first real job was pumping gas at South End Exxon. I think I had maybe five months in that one–January through May. I left when they insisted that I come to work, even on my days off, just to “check in and see how things are going.” I also had a job for a short time as receiving clerk at our local Fashion Bug. It was my job to unpack clothes, and hang them on rolling carts for “the girls” to put on the sales floor. I never worked the sales floor, and I didn’t learn to run their register. I just stayed in my little room out back, and listened to CDs, and unpacked clothes.
5) Speaking of Bill Cosby, “The Junkyard Gang” from Fat Albert made instruments out of old junk. Do you have something in your house that’s old junk that you’ve turned into something useful? If not, tell us about something that’s junky, but that you just can’t get rid of.

I have a white marine pearl drum shell that I use as a trash can down in my basement.  Just put a trash bag in, and Walla Walla Washington, it’s a trash can.


  1. Ooh see I misinterpreted question 1! I thought it was if you have met them in person. Then if that is the case you and Lisa and Jim from Maine and ETS and Chrissy from Alaska are my furthest away friends…but I haven’t met any of you.

    And I still have the burn it cd from you too 😀 I love me a good mix cd 😀

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