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There’s something nice about living in a small town, where you know lots of people. Susan is at camp with the kids for a week. For the last two years, I’ve tried to do some special project around the house for her while she’s gone. I wasn’t going to do one this year, but I got inspired yesterday. To work this little project, I needed a pick-up truck. I called my brother-in-law; he wasn’t home. I called a neighbor; he wasn’t home either. Well, should I just call it a night, and try and get a ride on Tuesday?

I thought I’d try something a little unusual. I posted on Facebook! “Bill needs an able bodied friend, a pick-up, and 20 minutes of your time. Anyone available?”

Within minutes I had not one, but two volunteers to help. I contacted the first guy: Sumner Kinney. He came over to my house (he lives one town away, in Thomaston), and picked me up in his truck. We ran the little errand, and he helped me move “the project” into my living room. Within 40 minutes of my posting, my need was met, and Sumner was on his way home.

Here’s something else nice, too. In the time I was gone, someone else volunteered a truck via Facebook. My neighbor also came home, got my message, and called me back saying his truck was always available to me. And my brother-in-law called back too, and I’m sure he’d lend me his truck too.

It’s nice to have so many friends willing to help out.

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  1. Ian Taylor


    I got my Ghost pedal way back around 1972. I remember a piece of paper with it that described the inventor of it being on a military ship in Hawaii that they said was haunted by what they called “The Siver Ghost of the Oahu Coast” and that’s where the name of the pedal came from.

    Have you come across that?

    Incidentally, I live on Oahu.

    Take care,


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