Friday Fill In #135

1. It’s time for a big ol’ mug of coffee and something cinnamon-y.

2. If you really try and look at the good side of things, then there’s really something special about living at the south pole; it’s not a bad place for icy cold drinks.

3. I must be crazy for playing as many gigs as I do during the summer. (Not counting church, I have three gigs this week, three next week, and three the following week!)

4. The love of God is the best thing I have ever known. (And the love of a good woman and a good family are high on that list, too!)

5. My expertise at the breakfast griddle is simply unmatched by anyone in the world! (OK, maybe my street. Well, at least my house!)

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was a couple of weeks ago. (I was very tired, and Matthew did something inappropriate at the dinner table. What was supposed to be me being stern turned into me crying from laughing so hard!)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to playing with Three Button Deluxe in Winter Harbor, tomorrow my plans include playing the Lobster Festival with Steelin’ Thunder in Rockland and Blind Albert in Camden, and Sunday, I want to maybe catch a quick nap before packing up more stuff at the house!

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