Vacation, Day #1

I’m taking a week off from the office. The goal is to use the time to get things around the house ready for winter. I need to put some plastic sheeting on the basement windows. I need to get the yard cleaned up. Today, with the help of Barry from the office, I was able to move a 6′ chest freezer out of my basement. It’s been down there for nigh on 10 years, and it never worked. (Note: if someone gives you a freezer that “probably” works, make sure you test it before you move it into the basement!) Today, though, it went to the dump. I also stopped by the office to do a few little things. Gina, since I’m not there, lunch at Kiwanis was chicken picata, rice, asparagus, and blueberry pie. (I ate every scrid!)


  1. Paddy

    And we rocked the mics at WRFR while spinning two hours of jazz-infused goodness!

    Super fun ol’ bean, we simply must do it again some time!



  2. aza

    I never would have guessed Monday’s meal. I was thinking more in the way of beef, maybe a beef stew kind of thing. What with the weather and all. Anyway, thanks for letting me know. 🙂


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