1. Yes, a new wedding ring. My beautiful 2.5 carat platinum set Tiffany solitaire engagement ring that was soldered to my 1.5 carat wedding band… was stolen or a little pair of hands threw it in the trash… but it’s been gone for a while now and I’m really tired of having nothing — not even a simple band so we’re going to go get me something. I doubt I’ll ever have my beautiful $30K set that I had before… but I’d at least like a $200 band to replace it… ya know? 🙁

    … I love your answers today! I hated driving in NYC! OMG those taxi drivers scare the begeezies out of me!

    And your answer to #6 is just TOO STINKIN SWEET! 🙂

  2. Tamara

    Biker Sunday sounds like a great outreach program, and the Blessing of the Bikes must be a unique experience. I think my man (cycle advocate) would like this idea. Sorry to hear your answer to No.5 – perhaps you could think about what excites you to get to the Bike Sunday at Church. Hope your plans turned out.

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