Friday Fill In #182

1. On vacation, I like to operate with a very loosely defined set of plans; I like to make sure there’s plenty of room to improvise.
2. I really don’t swim very much in the ocean. (Though I’m a Mainer, brought up so close to the ocean you can smell it, I don’t swim in very much. The north Atlantic waters are just too cold!)
3. One of my favorite vacation spots involved me snorkeling in crystal blue waters. (Any vacation spot that involves snorkeling is ok in my book!)
4. The great watch my Mom bought me has a moon phase dial; I can tell you how soon until the full moon.
5. Up, up and away in the Governor’s plane. (My first plane ride was given to me by my cousin Floyd. The plane was this really decked out twin prop job. He claimed it was the plane used by the Governor of Maine. True? I don’t know for sure, and Floyd is prone to storytelling.)
6. Bananas have made many appearances in my new “snacking more health-ily” diet.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to playing a swing gig for the Downeast Dancers, tomorrow my plans include meandering to Portland with my wife, and Sunday, I want to snorkel in Aruba! (I want to, but I won’t be!)


  1. You know, as much of an anal retentive planner I am on vacations… I will have to agree with #1. EVEN when it comes to Disney World. One year we went and I had so much planned,it’s like the fun was planned right out of it. We were always rushing to make it to whatever by the appointed time. It was a pain in the rump! This last time we went, I actually scheduled “down days” in the 8 days we were there and those were so much fun!

    I don’t swim much in the ocean either b/c… you can’t see in it. That creeps me out! Now, in crystal blue waters, that would be a little more okay. We snorkeled off the beach in Hawaii and saw 2 barracuda and decided we’d had enough fun.

    We don’t hit the beach much – I hate being in a swim suit… and I want to be in photos of us on a vacation. So the two don’t go well together. LOL

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I like it Billy! it’s a very nice watch, I think I will be putting that one on my “shopping” lists for the end of the year spendtacular

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