Billy Rhythm says: “This five has been inspired by my recent purchase of an i-Pod Touch.

1) Do you use some form of PDA (personal digital assistant)/MP3 player/smart phone for contacts and calendar items? If so, what is it, and what do you use it for? If you don’t use some sort of digital calendar, what do you use?

Years ago, my friend Paddy bought a Palm Pilot M-125. For some reason, he decided he didn’t like it, and offered to sell it to me for $50. At that time, my “gig book” was a little yearly paper calendar. I decided I’d buy the Palm, and start keeping my gigs in the digital realm. It served me very well, but I began to want things like a color screen, the ability to play MP3s, and stuff like that. I’ve been “lusting” after an iPod Touch for some time. When I found refurb units for sale for $100 off the regular price, I bought one. I’m very glad I did.

2) Do you use any sort of MP3 player? If not, do you use anything for “music on the go”?
Well, now with the iPod, I have an MP3 player. I didn’t have one before that. Around the house, and for music on the go, my Mom bought me a boom box for my XM radio. It was inexpensive, and works well.

3) Do you have a favorite application you run on your PDA/MP3/smart phone? What is it? If you don’t use one, how about some cool application you like on your computer?

I have a couple of new apps for the Touch. They’re both weather related, sort of. I got a tide application that will show me high and low tides for any day you plug in. I also downloaded a moon phase app. They were both free apps.

4) How about a favorite game on your widget? If you’re non-widget-ized, what games do you like to play on your computer?

I like Bejweled. Dave “Quick” Clarke introduced me to it a long time ago, and it still remains a favorite. I added that to the Touch right quick! My old Palm also had cribbage and a few other games on it.  Spy Hunter, Sub Hunt, and Joust didn’t see much action; it was mostly cribbage and Bejeweled for me.

5) Most little gadgets have a way to personalize them, like a cover or faceplate or something. What’s on yours? If you don’t own one, tell us about something else you’ve personalized.

My old Palm had a faux wood burl face plate on it.The new iPod Touch has a simple rubber cover, just to protect from scratches.

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