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Let’s say you could buy this fpr $500. Would you? Let’s say I could buy it for $500. Should I? Discuss.


  1. It would depend on your home decor. I mean I like it…but I probably wouldn’t buy it only because it doesn’t go with my home decor.

  2. Genova

    Would I buy it? No. As a hip single guy living in the city I am not allowed to have colorful decor. White walls, dark woods, and black and white prints are all. There is some kind of yuppie law… I don’t know. Plus, it wouldn’t go with anything I have, but I agree with Amy. Will it look good anywhere in your house? The other thing I would say is, is it worth $500 to you? Thinking of it not as an investment but as a thing whose value is only measured by how much you enjoy it. Every time you listen to an album on some nice hi-fi gear the cost of the equipment is justified all over again. In six months when you look at this painting will you still be as satisfied as you were when you hung it? It is a beautiful painting and if it makes you happy and you’ve got the dosh, I say go for it. Sorry for rambling so long, it has been a 3 cup morning and I might be a little jittery…

  3. I have no idea of how big/small it is. That’s important to me. Most of the stuff on my walls are 16×20 or larger frames.

    I bet it’s a good match for your home decor with your corner chair and wallpaper and all. I bet you’re a fan of the seafoam green in the water and the somewhat victorian looking frame.

    Personally, the frame complements the blue water nicely, but the frame is way too distracting for my liking. The painting composition is lacking a shape that tells your eye how to peruse the image. It also doesn’t tell me any story or express much of anything, (but it is a happy colorful painting.)

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