Susan’s Reflective MI-5

My beloved wife says “Since it is the week before New Year’s Day I thought we could do some reflecting on the past year.”

1. What one unexpected joy did you discover? I really do like raw oysters. I had had one years ago. It was mostly eaten just so I could say that I had tried one. It basically went down whole. And though I had had other opportunities to try one, I didn’t want to shell (haha!) out $3 to see if I really liked them. At a gig a few months ago, they served oysters on the free raw bar. So I tried one. I took my time, and chewed it thoroughly. It was good. I think, though, that I would much prefer them under better conditions. This one wasn’t very cold, and didn’t have any of its “liquor,” so it was a little dry. Still, it was good.

2. What  two things would you have done differently? Why? Hmm. I think I would’ve stayed on vacation in New Hampshire longer; it seems like we were really rushed. And, I would’ve called my plow people to let them know I would be out late on blizzard night!

3.  What were the three most significant events? My daughter started home school. My wife had surgery (minor). I had the flu, and was out sick for almost a week. (I haven’t been that sick in a long, long time.)

4. What four things did you do that were the most fun? Vacation. Christmas. The staff picnic with the kids. All the times the kids and I played “Jump on the Daddy.”

5. What five things are you most grateful for? Susan, Julia, Matt, Nat, and inumerable blessings God gives me.

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  1. Eeeew, oysters…Admittedly, I’ve never tried one, but you will never convince me to eat something that is considered an animal raw. Ever. LOL
    It’s always interesting to look back and consider. I’ve always been consumed with the present, which is why I love blogging. It gives me moments to pause and consider other things than now, like then and maybe.

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