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For Dad

Five years. And not a week goes by that I don’t think “Man, I really wish I could talk to Dad. I could really use his insight, knowledge, and wisdom.” Ironically, today is one of those days. But as much as I need you here, apparently God needed you more there.

Friday Fill In #192

1. Family Affair is a song by Sly and the Family Stone that I really love.

2. In the evening, I can frequently be found with my boys in the bathroom, singing silly songs about brushing your teeth up and down and back and forth.

3. I love a chicken burrito from Taco Bell; skip the sauce and cheese, add salsa, and you’ve got a 250 calorie lunch for less than a buck.

4. Susan’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and broccoli makes a good meal; and I have really been craving it recently.

5. I’ve got the car all loaded up with equipment to play my afternoon gig at the Blue Hill Fair this afternoon.

6. I don’t send text messages very much, so I don’t use web abbreviations like rotfl, or lol, or brb or even wth!!!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to being home from an early gig, tomorrow my plans include a gig in the morning, a family picnic in the evening, and my 20th class reunion in the evening, and Sunday, I want to have lunch with the family!