30 Days of Thanks 2018

Day 1:  “Chesed” (hard CH like “cough,” not soft like “chicken,” and with some roughness from the throat) is the Hebrew word for “faithful love.” According to the Faithlife Bible study note, chesed is “…no ordinary love; it is a stubborn, costly, sacrificial, voluntary love. It is the love God has for his people—the bedrock of their faith.” I’m thankful for chesed today. 

Day 2:   I’m thankful for my work as a musician that supplements my income. I’m thankful for bandleaders that hire me. But today, I’m especially thankful for a weekend off! 

Day 3:  I’m thankful for tacos and a game of Life with my family—an evening at home! 

Day 4:  I’m thankful for family lunch with guests Chris and Heather Quimby. It’ll be the only family lunch I get all month. 

Day 5:  I’m thankful for a good deal on a hotel in MA that offers free parking and shuttle service to Mass. Eye and Ear. 

Day 6:  For small town life. I didn’t have to show ID at the polls: the clerk called me “Billy.” 

Day 7:  I’m thankful for forgiveness and an opportunity to do better tomorrow. 

Day 8:  For a good day at work. I helped 1/2 dozen or so old ladies and their Macs. One I’m pretty sure I kept from crying. The boss thanked me with a little something extra in my wallet. I didn’t get annoyed with my coworkers. That’s finest kind. 

Day 9: That was a good gig, but after that car ride I’m thankful to be home. 

Day 10:  “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” I’m thankful for my mom, Marylou. She and dad raised me, and got me house where I started my own family. She maintains the right balance of not doting on me, but she’s always there if I need something. She’s a great mom. Love you Mom! 

Day 11:  I’m thankful for full freezers and leftover lasagna soup. 

Day 12:  I’m glad Susan didn’t find a dead cat today. 

Day 13:  Food related. Thanks to Julia for dropping off to her ol’ man a Dunkin coffee and coffee roll. It’ll make a good lunch! 

Day 14:   Thanks to Jason Philbrook, who allows me time off during the week so I can continue my education. He has agreed to continue the practice next semester. I’m thankful he allows me to take an afternoon off every week. 

Day 15:  Tracy sent me a surprise: some stamps she found in a desk. Thank you Tracy, and Gordon and Suzanne and Lisa and Marylou(Mom) and Amy and Brian-Katie and all of you who save those stamps for me. 

Day 16:  I don’t have my snow tires on yet, and the customer I was supposed to visit had an unplowed driveway on a backroad. Arthur Grierson took the call in his 4WD truck so I might not get stuck. Thanks for coverage AG. 

Day 17:   I’m thankful for my kids coming to hear me play at the musical tonight. Julia Batty gives Shrek a 10 out of 10, and said it’s probably the best musical she’s seen at Medomak. (How’s that Peter Stuart?!) 

Day 18:   I’m thankful to the anonymous donor who has once again (the third time even) made a generous gift to Harmony Bible Church. 

Day 19:  It’s 30°, no wind, snowing lightly with just enough fresh coating for Deuteronomy to make snow angels all over #downtownspruceheadamerica. I’m thankful for my early morning walk today. 

Day 20: I’m thankful for a slow day at the shop. I used it to get caught up! 

Day 21:  I’m thankful for all the preachers willing to come fill in at Harmony Bible Church. 

Day 22:   I’m thankful for my family and the time I got to spend with them today. And for my mom’s chocolate pie and Paula Deen’s banana pudding. 

Day 23:  I’m thankful for my daughter Julia Batty. For her love of musicals, her funny nose, her willingness to run out for feta, and her love for her old man and Jesus. 

Day 24:   I’m thankful for a spare house key, otherwise I’d be sleeping in the car tonight! 

Day 25:  “We share our mutual woes, our mutual burdens bear, and often for each other flows the sympathizing tear.” Thank you for your love and prayers Harmony Bible Church. 

Day 26:   I’m thankful for Amtrak expanding all runs to Brunswick, which means Susan won’t have to endure driving in Portland. I’m thankful for a special hotel rate for Mass Eye and Ear patients. I’m thankful for shuttle service. 

Day 27:  SO. MUCH. THANKFULNESS! For the parking officer who is going to issue a refund. For a smooth trip in from the hotel this morning. For a wife who loves me very much. For dear friends who prayed for me. For Dr. Lee who saved my stapes, which means I might get some hearing back. For my sense of taste which I still have! For Jesus who orchestrated the whole thing. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!  A Christian cab driver. Cab fare 1/2 what we budgeted. Was disappointed to find the Dunkin’ in North Station closed, but the other one was still open! Pizza place still open too! Friends, God’s got His hands all over this today. 

Day 28:  Thanks for all you well wishers and those who checked up on me today. Doing great! 

Day 29:   I’m thankful to get the ear bandage off and for a shower and a shave. 

Day 30:  Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…”