30 Days of Thanks 2014

Thankfulness, day 1. I’m thankful for chocolate chip cookies and French roast coffee.

Thankfulness, day 2. Used generator? $400. Transfer switch and cables? $150. Electrician friend who hooks it up? $100. Getting the carb rebuilt and finally, after 4 years, putting the whole system to work? Priceless! 

Thankfulness, day 3. For friends who cover for me at work. Friends who rebuild my generator carb. Friends who drive my daughter home. Friends who give my wife rides. I have loyal friends. 

Thankfulness, day 4. I’m thankful for the first snow storm of the 2014-2015 season. Many good lessons have been learned. 

Thankfulness, day 5: for coworkers who are supportive friends. 

Thankfulness, day 6 (forgot to post it yesterday): I’m thankful for toast! 

Thankfulness, day 7: I am thankful to get the last of the Dorman’s mocha chip. 

Thankfulness day 8: for Michael in St. George. He has a chainsaw, and a wood stove. He also now has the maple that came down across my clothesline. I’m thankful he came and cleared it, and glad he can use it. 

Thankfulness, day 9: I’m thankful for Sunday dinners with my Mom and my sister’s family. 

Thankfulness, day 10. I’m thankful I don’t have to work in the morning. I can use the sleep! 

Thankfulness, day 11: For Thornton Batty, Jr, Coastie who served in Viet Nam re-supplying the Brown Water Navy. For William R. Batty, Sr., who served tending buoys off the coast of Maine. And for Thornton Batty, Sr., who served as a Coastie of the Aleutians in WWII. 

Thankfulness day 11, part 2. My Mom’s side of the family has vets too. My grandfather Lewis Yattaw served, and I have his memorial flag that I fly from time to time. His son, Lewis “Rusty” Yattaw served in Africa and Germany. 

Thankfulness, day 12: Two weeks ago, I played a really good gig at The Landings. Sadly, the SD card in my portable recorder died, and I couldn’t get the tracks off of it. Today, though, I tried again, and got most of the data off of it–enough at least so I could hear what I played. 

Thankfulness, day 13: for Mike, Kate, Molly, Max, and the whole Landings crew. They asked me to play there not once, but twice this week. And they treat me better than some customer or hired hand. They treat me like family. 

Thankfulness, day 14. I’m thankful for Grandma and Granddaddy taking the kids for the weekend! 

Thankfulness, day 15: for a day of nothing but spending time with Susan. 

Thankfulness, day 16. Today in Sunday School, we talked about being a good steward with money, and how much is too much, and how much should you store up for yourself. I’m thankful for my boss of 15 years, who treats his employees well, is generous, and doesn’t have a greedy bone in his body. 

Thankfulness, day 17: VACATION! 

Thankfulness, day 18: I’m thankful for Pastor Jason Pauley. 

Thankfulness, day 19: I’m thankful for the great Christmas shopping trip I had today with my family. I’m almost done with my list! 

Thankfulness, day 20. Dad’s been on my mind today. I’m thankful I had many years to hug him, kiss his check, and tell him I loved him. 

Thankfulness, day 21. I’m thankful for emergency personnel–especially those that volunteer. 

Thankfulness, day 22. I’m thankful for my sons, who helped me pick up the debris from the maple we 1/2 lost in the storm. Sadly, I shacked my back in the clean up process, but they really worked hard. 

Thankfulness, day 23. I’m thankful for microwaves and rice socks, freezers and ice packs, ibuprofen and tylenol, helpful kids and a patient wife. 

Thankfulness, day 24. I’m thankful for my inlaws, Donna and John Dancer. Mom is always taking the kids–not because she wants to give Susan and me a break–but because she wants to spend time with her grandkids. All of them. And my father-in-law? Meek, wise, incredibly strong, and a fine example of what I want to be. Patience of Job? Ol’ John Calvin Dancer’s got him beat. 

thankfulness, day 25. I’m thankful for the members of Harmony Bible Church. 

Thankfulness, day 26… Me: “Hello?” Mom: “Oh hi. I guess you know what I want.” Me: “To know if I’m home safe? I am, and I’m in for the night.” Sound familiar Stacy Densmore? 

Thankfulness, day 27, Thanksgiving Day. I’m thankful for Jesus. 

Thankfulness, day 28 (I was tired after my gig last night): I’m thankful for my children. Special thanks to Julia for helping me lug equipment to gigs this week with my sore back. 

Thankfulness, day 29. After two really nice reunions, I’m especially thankful for my family today–both my immediate and extended family. 

Thankfulness, day 30: Last but not least, I’m thankful for Susan.