Heather Armstrong Has Been Found!

For years, I’ve been trying to find Heather Armstrong. All through middle and high school, we were in home room together. (Her last name starts with A, mine with B. Melissa Baker fell in between us!) On graduation day, Susan, Heather, Chris Clayton, and I drove to Perry’s Nut House and hung out for the day. And then, after graduation, she fell off the face of the earth. No one could find her. When the time came ’round for the 10th class reunion, no one could figure out how to find her. And so, I kept posting about Heather hoping that she would some day find me–since I couldn’t seem to find her.

Fast forward eighteen years. Allison has been trying to get Susan to join Facebook.  So Susan joined up. And guess who she found?! Seems Heather DID go to Johnson and Wales, got married, had a few kids (one quite recently), and joined Facebook. So Susan asked to be her “friend” or whatever on Facebook, and they messaged each other like three times yesterday! It was nice to know she’s doing well, and is somewhat close by. Heck, she mentioned the irony of me gigging down in Boston (where Heather lives now) last weekend. She invited me to stop in the next time I play down that way.

She also wanted to know what happened to Scott Ballard. And as I thought about that, I realized “I haven’t heard anything about Scott since graduation!”

Paging Scott Ballard, where are you Scott? 🙂


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