Lisa’s “First Line” MI-5

Take five different books, and type in the first line of each
book. You can pick a book you just read, a book you are reading, and a book
you want to read. You can use fiction, non-fiction, poetry, textbooks,
whatever. If you want to create your own similarities among the five books,
you can. However, you can pick any random five books you want, whether you
have read them or not. DO NOT post the name of the book, nor the author.
Only list the first line. Over the next week, visit the blog of each MI-5’er. Make yourself post a comment. It can be any comment, with one exception: DO NOT TRY TO GUESS THE BOOK OR THE AUTHOR. This is to the keep the “surprise” for those of us who like to guess. You may indicate that you’ve read the book, that based upon the first line you’d like (or not like) to read the book, or you can
indicate that you know the book (just don’t name the book or author). Next Thursday or Friday, each MI-5’er should add the title and the author to
their original entry.

1) “An oracle: The word of the LORD to Israel through Malachi.” (This is the book I’m currently reading.)

2) “THE ‘Red Death’ had long devastated the country.” (One of my favorite short stories.)

3) “My grandmother, in her own way, shines like a beacon down the stormy American past.” (A favorite book I read over and over. Most of you probably haven’t read it.)

4) “He was an old man who fished alone in a skiff in the Gulf Stream and he had gone eighty-four days know without taking a fish.” (This one you’ve probably all read, and should be an easy guess. This is a book I want to re-read.)

5) “When you ask why I dwell here docile among the far green hills, I laugh in my heart. My heart is happy.” (I’d guess none of you have ever read this book; I read it rather frequently.)

OK, rememeber: If you know the answer, DON’T mention the name or author in your comments! Next week, I’ll reveal who is what. By my guesstimate, though, you’ll be able to get three out of the five I posted.


  1. Oh goodness!! I’m not sure I am positive about any. I’m quite sure of #1, although it may be one of those that is so obvious it’s wrong. I think I’m familiar with #2 (I think from 5/6th grade or high school), but I couldn’t tell you the name or the author. I have no clue about #3, #4, or #5, although I’d consider reading any of them.

  2. I have read number 4…a long long time ago and didn’t like it at all. . I am definite of the author of number 2 but only semi certain of the title!! None of the others sound familiar. AT ALL. Number 3 sounds really interesting though.

  3. aza

    Ok, I’m going to chalk it up to not being good at recognizing first lines. And not to the fact that I apparently don’t read much. 🙂
    But in truth, I don’t recognize any by the first line.

    Oh, the shame………..

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