Crazy Dream, Two Guitar Players

I had this strange dream last night. Paddy and I were going to play this gig with Three Button Deluxe. We got to the gig, which was in this old Odd Fellows Hall turned bar with an outside bandstand ala Union Fair kinda thing. (Sorry for those of you who’ve never seen the Union Fair bandstand. Picture a covered porch.) I’m setting up the drums. I pull my snare stand out of the hardware bag. In my dream, it’s a snare stand made by the North drum company. The only problem is that this snare stand is incredibly complicated. And, mine has fallen apart. In my dream I’m thinking “There are only two people in the world who can fix this: me and Stewart Copeland.” In my dream, it’s almost time for us to get started, so I don’t have time to fix this intricate snare stand. (Incidentally, North Drums didn’t make any wicked fancy, complicated snare stands. It’s just some silly thing my brain made up for me in my dream.) I decide not to bother to fix it. It’s about 15 minutes before we start to play. Chris Poulin, the back-up guitar player we sometimes use when Quick can’t make a gig has arrived, and he’s brought Quick’s PA system. Quick is supposed to be playing this gig, but hasn’t arrived yet. Paddy is running around, trying to get the PA set up before we start to play. I start to pull a floor tom out of one of my drum bags, and I notice the bag is all wet. I can see through the clear drum heads that water has soaked into the wooden drum, and the bearing edge is thick with soaked-up water. The drum appears to be made out of OSB, and the drum has just soaked up all kinds of water, and basically fallen apart.

The end.


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