Paddy’s Fall MI-5

Paddy says: “Ahhh, the first few days of Fall. One of my favorite times of the year, every year … so this week’s 5 is of an autumnal nature.”

1. Describe your single fondest childhood memory of the fall season.

It’s hard for me to pick one! Fall is my favorite time of year. I guess I would have to say Halloween, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one particular year.

2. What are your two favorite things to eat that are specific to this time of year?

Apple cider and roasted squash. I’m not really a huge squash fan, but I really like roasted squash. I like my squash really dry–more like the consistency of mashed potatoes. Butternut squash with brown sugar and cinnamon is a new favorite here in the Batty household.

3. Name three items that you dig out of the closet and wear now that the weather is turning.

There’s a particular sweater I love that has a tiny hole in the front. I love it too much to retire it. My barn coat that Paddy gave me will come out soon, as will my favorite toggle coat.

4. Tell us your four favorite activities that you enjoy between the Autumnal Equinox and Halloween (November AIN’T Fall here in Maine folks!).

Walking in the cool air, apple picking, going to the farm market, and reading spooky stories!

5. Finally, what are the top five things that you need to get done before the winter hits?

Winterize the basement, rake the leaves, trim the back hedge, wash the windows, and mow the lawn one last time. (I hope it’s the last time!)

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