Dunkin Donuts and Pot

I noticed something interesting on our local newepaper’s website this morning. Over in Waldoboro (about 1/2 hour south of here), a tranisent was busted for having 300 pot plants growing in a sophisticated hydroponic operation, the pot having a street value (when mature) of $350,000. Comments generated on that article? One. Then, in Camden (15 minutes north of here), there’s a plan to build a Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street. Number of comments generated? 18!

As an aside, I hate the “We already have too many X shops/stores/whatever business.” Let the market decide. ‘There’s too much coffee already,’ they claim. ‘We don’t need another coffee place!’ What they really mean to say is ‘We don’t want a corporate business in there!’ If someone wanted to open an indepenant coffee shop, these same people would probably be thankful for the new jobs created. But it’s a chain, so snobery is ok.

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