1. The original is way better…:/ that white number looks tacky- like something you would see in vegas…

    I have seen this show one other time and they do some odd stuff on it.

  2. We, the owners of this most excellent work of art love the new white version. Yes the old one was fun, but it was old! We are in the wedding bussiness, not fire fighting. The crew at Trick my Truck read our minds when they came up with this. We love it. The couples we marry love it. It puts a smile on more faces than it ever did red.

  3. Billy Rhythm

    Hey Lisa. I just want to leave for posterity your comment was left on May 27th, 2010, about a year after the original post. Hey, it’s your truck, do with it as you wish. I’m glad you like it in white. I, as an admirer of vintage fire apparatae liked the old girl as she was. I hope you were able to salvage some of those old parts that the car crew just threw around. There was some valuable stuff there!

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