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My sister says: This week’s questions have to do with scrapbooking—well, not really, but kindda. I sell scrapbooking stuff, and three times a year, Close to My Heart creates five new paper themes. Today’s questions have evolved from those five themes.

1. BACK COUNTRY – Tell us about your furthest excursion from “civilization”. How far away into the Back Country did you go? What did you miss most about civilization? Can you give us a tip about survival?

Before Susan and I were married, we took a canoe trip down the Allagash. There were no hot showers. No bathrooms. We ran out of food on the last day. (Lunch was fruit cocktail that day–that’s all that was left!) I remember on the way out, we stopped at a McDonalds, and Susan ate a 20 piece nugget by herself! Survival tip? If you get lost, stay put!

2. MOON DOGGIE – This is a kind of a Hawaii/Surfing/Being Carefree/Relaxing kind of theme. Tell us about Hawaii, surfing, being carefree, or relaxing.

I’ve never been to Hawaii, and I’ve never been surfing. I did play gigs at the House of David Surfrider’s Shop in OOB. It’s a Christian surf shop that uses their proximity to the beach and free surf lessons to give kids a cool place to hang out. I wish that band was still together. I got quite a blessing playing with those guys.

3. ANIMAL COOKIES – Tell us about your favorite snack food as a child. Is it still around to buy today?

Hostess cupcakes. In fact, when CB radios were all the rage, my handle was “Cupcake.” They’re still around, and I still love them!

4. TINKERIN’ – Do you like to tinker with things? Do you like to take things apart and put them back together again? What has been your biggest tinkerin’ project?

I’m not really that much of a tinkerer, but I’ve never been afraid to open something up. Is the VCR broken? I’ll take a stab at it. In fact, I’ve fixed my VCR, my CD player, and my LD player. Just grab a screwdriver, open it up, and figure out what’s busted. The way I figure it, it’s already broke. If I screw it up, it’ll still be broke. If I fix it, I saved myself some money. I re-coned some speakers for a friend. I can build you a computer. I could restore a drum set for you, if needed. Is that tinkering?

5. BELLA – This paper is very feminine. Bella is also the main character of the “Twilight” books, which are very popular right now. This question will take us from one extreme to the other—first, tell us about something (or someone) that is very “feminine” and then tell us something about “vampires”. Extra points if you can weave the two themes into one answer.

Like my sister said, my daughter Julia is very girly-girl. She likes pink, dolls, dresses, jewelry, flowers, all that stuff. She doesn’t care for vampires. (I think vampires are sorta cool, especially the old school, Bram Stoker kind.)

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  1. The House of David’s Surf-rider’s Shop sounds interesting. The place reminds me of the Christian coffee house where I met Josey … before gathering to drink coffee was cool.

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