Gina’s Funky Word MI-5

I missed this one a week ago. This was also the same five in which I was nominated to write the following week’s five, and I missed that part too, which is why it was late. OK, onward…

1. Other than the usual “crunch”, what one word best describes the sound when you walk in snow? Tell us about a time you had with/in snow.

RRRmmmphhh. One of my greatest snow memories is the time I was sliding down Ma’s hill, and went straight into a tree. That was so fun! I got a concussion and stove my face up pretty well. Or maybe the time playing freeze football at Owls Head School, when Jamie Lamb pulled me out of the sky when I was leaping to catch a pass, and my ankle broke. Yee ha!

2. What one word best describes the sound of leaves as you walk through them. Try not to use the word “rustle, rustling”. Share a story having to do with you and leaves.

Skritch. I like jumping in leaves. I hate raking leaves. Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other.

3. Choosing another word besides the word “slosh”, give us your best (one) word for walking through rain and puddles. We’d love to read a story about you and the rain and/or puddles.

Schmuggle. I can’t really think of a good rain story, other than all three of my children can’t hardly keep their feet out of any puddle near them, regardless of what they have on for shoes!

4. Yes, there’s sweltering. But pick one other word to describe the humid summer heat. If you’re able, tell us a funny story related to you and the summer heat. If nothing comes to mind, tell us what you do to beat the heat.

Slaking. To beat the heat, I will occassioanly resort to an old trick Frank Butler taught me: take a cold beer in a cool shower. It has to be a bottle of beer, so you can put your thumb over the bottle and keep the water out. That will cool you off right quick. This year, it didn’t even get hot enough for me to use that particular trick.

5. Halloween is fast approaching. Other than the word “spooky”, choose one word that describes the Halloween atmosphere. Share with us a favorite Halloween costume you wore. If you’ve never participated by wearing a costume, let us know the wildest costume you’ve ever seen.

I’ve always been a fan of “macarbre.” The best costume I can think of is the one Unk made himself–a homemade knights costume! It was fantastic, and you couldn’t tell who was under the helmet. He wore it to a community Halloween party, and he didn’t talk to anyone. All night long people were trying to figure out who was in the knight’s costume!

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