Musicians Friend and Chuck Taylors

I like wearing Chucks. They offer the right blend of support and flexibility. They come in great colors. And, when found on sale, can be somewhat affordable. I found a pair, used, on Musician’s Friend last week. They were in my size, and black. They were rated a “1” on the Musician’s Friend “Used Gear” scale: like new, without original packaging. I could get for $26, or about $10 off new. Being cheap, I ordered them. They showed up today. There was a big, black scuff mark on the toe. I figured “I’ll just scrub that off.” Nothin’ doin’! It appears someone else (the first customer, maybe?) scrubbed it enough to wear through the first layer of rubber. There’s a divot right through the first layer. It was unsightly enough that this cheapskate wanted to send them back. I called. I explained. The lady on the other end said “Don’t bother to send them back. If they look like that, we shouldn’t have resold them. You can just keep them. You’re all set.” Well, I certainly appreciate that! And, this makes up for that drum bag fiasco I had with them a few years back. They’re back on even footing (so to speak!) with me now.

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