Gina’s Halloween MI-5

1. What was the worst costume you ever wore? What was the best?

The worst costume I ever had was the year I went as a ghost. How can a ghost costume be bad? When your Dad insists that, for the sake of safety, said ghost wears a necktie. Yup. No joke. My parents were afraid I’d trip in the sheet or something, so they forced me to wear a necktie. Awful. All the rest were just fine. Nothing really stands out as “the best.”

2. Tell us about the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had.

I used to have this recurring character in a dream: Zim Bo Bin. He looked very much like the love child of The Joker and the Green Goblin but he was 1/2 red and 1/2 green.  We would play this awful game of tag. Once he tagged you, you would then have five nights of bad dreams. I remember one dream sequence when he chased me from my house next door to my grandmother’s house. I ran into her back room, where she keeps her washer and dryer. I closed the door, and knew he’d only be able to get in through that one door. What happened? He came down through the ceiling, and touched me on the head. I immediately “fell asleep” (of course, I was already asleeep, but I fell asleep in my dream), and began dreaming. (So in reality, I was deaming I was dreaming.) I was in a locked station, tied up in the back, and rolling down a hill without a driver.

Or, the other one would be the one where I dreamed I was riding a magic carpet through Hell.

3. Does your family have any Halloween traditions?

We have a glow in the dark skeleton we hang on our door. Though I particularly like Halloween, Susan really doesn’t care for it too much. We used to have a tradition of calling Halloween “Julia Day.” We would get McDonalds for supper, and then watch some movie of Julia’s choosing–usually some princess or Barbie movie. Of course, since the boys have been born, we haven’t really had Julia Day. This year we went “Trunk or Treating” at Littlefield.  I hope that tradition will continue.

4. Have you ever seen/felt/heard something strange that you just couldn’t explain?

Not really. There was this one time, though, when Susan and I were living in a trailer in St. George that we heard voices. It seems that the furnace motor was acting as a bit of a radio receiver. When the blower motor was on, but not the burner (i.e. when the blower was blowing out residual heat), you could hear voices in the duct work. It was a little freaky at first, but we finally figured out what the heck was going on.
5. What do you find scary?

The thought of having my eyeballs poked out.
Bonus Question-Do you have any stories to share about your experiences with The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

I’ve seen it. It’s ok. It’s obviously got to be better when seen with a group. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen it in a theater.

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