1. Steve

    Hi, no disrespect but I took lessons from Joe and he often criticized the Moeller technique. He would demonstrate to me “see this whipping motion ? It’s great for accenting every 3rd stroke in hand-to-hand triplets. But what if you want two accents in a row ?? You can’t because your hands are doing this [makes mock wave motion]”
    So far as I know, Joe vehemently disliked the Moeller stroke.

  2. Steve

    I once asked Joe to show me that one-handed thing he did with his left hand. He said “what, this ? All I’m doing is catching the bounce…”
    I was about 6 inches from his hand watching intently. He would start it up like a motor… DA-dada-Da-dada-DA-dada rapid fire triplets. Unbelievable. He would get them connected so seamlessly that it looked like a single stroke roll. As fast with one hand as I could play them with two.

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