Since I’ve moved into Mom’s old house, I’ve really started taking an interest in flag flying. Dad had a flag pole installed a few years back. It’s a telescoping model; there is no halyard or anything to raise the flag. Instead, you lower the pole.  So when we moved in, I started flying a flag. Mom bought me a nylon flag for Christmas, so I’ve been flying the American flag since then.

Back in May, I was trying to think of something special for Susan’s birthday. She’s really gotten into politics the last few years, and somehow I stumbled onto a Sons of Liberty flag. Their message seemed to be what Susan is really passionate about: freedom, liberty, and limited government. So, I ordered her one. Ironically, I get more pride (I think) out of flying it than she does.

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy some more flags. I bought a Franklin “Join or Die” flag, a Maine state flag, and a Texas “Come and Take It” flag. I’ve decided to fly certain flags to suit my mood, or to fly  certain flags on certain days. (For example, I fly the “Sons of Liberty” flag on April 15th. If there’s a certain 2nd amendment issue in the news, I’ll fly the “Come and Take It” flag.

After those flags arrived, I realized that I didn’t order a flag I had intended to order: a Christian flag. So I ordered one of those today, in addition to a “Betsy Ross” flag (perfect for July 4th) and a Gadsden flag for Susan.

So as you pass by the house, take a look at the flag pole and see what’s flying. See if you can guess my mood based on the colors.

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