1. Awww do you feel strange cuz of your ear? My sister had an ear problem and she took steroids (prescribed by a doc) and that ended up clearing it up.

  2. Billy, I saw your comment over on Lisa’s page and wanted to let you know I was a bit late putting up this week’s Fill In…I didn’t think not putting one up would honor 9/11 in any way, and neither did I think it was appropriate to mention it since it brings back so many bad memories for folks, and the FFI is supposed to be fun, you know? I hope you aren’t offended by that.

  3. Billy Rhythm

    No, Janet, I’m not offended in any way. I had a similar thought on Facebook today. On one hand, it’s important we remember. On another hand, I’m sure those who gave their lives wouldn’t want us to spend the whole day gloomy over something that can’t be changed.

    Now, I’ll have to get over their later and see if I can get my answers for today up!

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